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Top 5 Warsaw Travel Tips

Top 5 Warsaw Travel Tips

It’s meant to be beautiful they said. Little did I know that I was about to visit a town so colourful and full of energy, yet so much in touch with its historical past.

My Grandad was from Warsaw, and when I was growing up he told me about this city and that I should visit. He was right! We flew 2h and 20m from London and our weekend adventure began.

1. Eat ‘Lenin’s Lamb’ at the Red Hog restaurant. An iconic and must visit Polish restaurant which books out days in advance. Make sure you book ahead and laughs and full (or very full) bellies are guaranteed.

2. Visit the Communism museum! It’s a tiny little time capsule back to what life was like under communism. I felt like I was in my Granddad’s old house - it even smelt like it! Super cheap, super fun!

3. Look at Stalin’s so called present to the Polish people and highest building in the country: The palace of Culture and Science. It’s like Marmite - you either hate it or love it! I like Marmite!

4. Eat more at the coolest street food market in town! Hala Koszyki is pretty cool and one of the most modern places in Warsaw. International food and Polish Pierogi in one place! We tried cherry beer at 10:00am - woop!

5. Be in awe at the Lazienki Park! The most golden park I have ever seen. Perfect blogger spot to shoot outfits, for a romantic stroll and for a proposal! We didn’t see anyone proposing but if you watch my vlog below you’ll get me :)


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