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My favourite Restaurants in London

My favourite Restaurants in London

London’s restaurant scene is the most diverse one I have ever experienced. Living in London is like living in a foodie heaven where every single day you are surprised with a brand new and exciting restaurant, from anywhere in the world. Yum!

This is a list of my personal top 7 favourite restaurants in London. Are they the best restaurants in London? Depends on what you consider as best, but if you are looking for fun, affordable and delicious then, jackpot:

  1. Franco Manca - A sourdough pizza place par excellence. Simple menu, simple design, unbeatable taste and prices! It is and has always been the best pizza in London for me. They have recently added their vegan special so now it really is a restaurant for everybody! I am a fan. In fact, writing about it makes me crave it so much, ha!

  2. Flat Iron - London’s best steak restaurant, if you ask me! A high quality flat iron steak for £10. You read correctly. It’s popular though, so my tip would be to arrive as early as you can for dinner, or arrive at odd times, because otherwise you might have to wait for quite a while - worth it though.

  3. Bone Daddies - It’s Ramen! Everybody loves Ramen and so do I. You will have tons of fun visiting Bone Daddies, that is guaranteed. Bibs, hair-ties and everything you need to prepare yourself for the Noodles! Rich in taste and oh so filling, Bone Daddies Ramen combined with Sake to drink guarantee an epic eating out experience.

  4. Señor Ceviche - Let’s go to Peru! This probably is the priciest restaurant on the list. It’s Peruvian cuisine for a special occasion. The flavours range from spicy to sour to sweet, or all 3 combined. Every time I have visited I was left saying: ‘This flavour though! I have never tasted anything like it before!’ Drink a Pisco Sour (cocktail) when you’re there and I promise this will become your new favourite poison of choice! I made a vlog about it here.

  5. Martello Hall - Bottomless Brunch recommendation no. 1! Pizzas for every taste (and I mean EVERY taste), brunch dishes that make your mouth water and service quality like no other! I have been twice for Bottomless Brunch and every time I was absolutely amazed by the service. Often waiters are stingy whilst you’re trying to get the best out of your 2 hours - not here! Fun, delicious and I mean the interior … THAT is a whole other story! A visit will instantly turn you into a hipster, hurray :)

  6. Coin Laundry - Bottomless Brunch recommendation no. 2! Understated, colourful and cool. Coin Laundry comes at you with delicious brunch choices, hilarious waiters that will make your brunch that little bit extra special and a vibe I can only describe as: ‘You’re in London, Baby!’

  7. Homeslice - Wagon Wheel Pizza! Pizza so huge you will have to share it. Really, do share! I tried to eat one on my own which was a bad idea! If you are coming to eat Hawaiian pizza I’m sorry to disappoint you. The toppings are everything but usual. You will find things like ‘Spice Lamb, Savoy Cabbage & Sumac Yoghurt’ or ‘Kimchi, Porcini Cream & Basil’ and they are all oh so scrumptious you really don’t want to share. But you have to, remember? :)

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