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Why Edinburgh was my favourite Travel Destination 2018

Why Edinburgh was my favourite Travel Destination 2018

We sat on the tram on our way to Edinburgh city central. The moment we saw Edinburgh Castle for the first time we literally jumped up from our seats like children when discovering Disneyland for the first time!

Let me try to put in words, why Edinburgh was my Disneyland 2018!

1. Pictures of Edinburgh Castle don’t do it justice! - They really don’t. Imagine a castle, on top of a green hill, surrounded by a green park and accompanied by medieval gothic and renaissance architecture. Imagine this hill is in fact in the middle of a somewhat modern city, yet no building reaches it’s hight even remotely. It’s like a throne and it’s also a little bit like the rock in The Lion King. This is what made us jump up from our seats. You have to see it for yourself.

2. Harry Potter and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde live in Edinburgh - Well, not quite, but we did a tour with Rabbie’s Tours around the city, and discovered that many stories like Harry Potter have their routes in Edinburgh. I could feel it. Magic.

3. You can actually breathe in Edinburgh - With it being so close to the seaside and fairly high up north, the air in Edinburgh is NOT breathtaking! See what I did there? ;) The moment we left the airport and took a breath we realised two things: 1. London air really is very polluted, and 2. THIS is what actual fresh air feels like. It feels clean and full of goodness. Every Yoga teacher would say: ‘Take not one but two deep breaths in!’

4. Whisky - A local said to me: ‘Only old men drink whisky!’ And I’m going to be honest with you guys, it felt a little bit like someone had just told me that Father Christmas doesn’t exists! So I decided to do what I did when my mum told me this when I was 5: Ignore it and fully live my Whisky excitement by visiting the two most amazing places to try it in Edinburgh: The Whiski Rooms & The Devil’s Advocate. Flicking through menus of over 200 Whisky types, we felt like Children having to choose at a Pick ‘n’ Mix station, probably in Disneyland.

5. Dean Village - It’s what it says on the tin, a village in the middle of Scotland’s capital. Tranquil, picturesque and somewhat of a little Scottish oasis really. Streams of crystal clear water float through colourful 19th century buildings and I forgot the world around me. It is my number one must see place in Edinburgh and it absolutely and without a doubt needs to be on any travel itinerary ever when visiting.

Things to do in Edinburgh? Yes, you need to visit Edinburgh Castle, but there is so much more to see! Follow me around for a 48 hour guide on what to do in Edinburgh - Food, amazing tourist attractions and more!
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