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How to do King's Day Amsterdam right!

How to do King's Day Amsterdam right!

A man, dressed in orange from head to toe, pushed a wheelbarrow full of Heineken past me and I knew, I’m the middle of the Dutch National Holiday: King’s Day or Koningsdag!

King’s Day is quite simply the day that the Dutch King celebrates his birthday, and the entire country celebrates with him! What a birthday, hey?

I spent 48 hours in Amsterdam with Clink Hostels, I saw everything orange, tulips and had many cocktails! :) Here is a quick guide on how to get the best out of King’s Day. For more info and details you can watch my vlog below.

1. Book accommodation early! - Clink Hostels is a good option, it’s cheap, it’s central and they even have a super fun King’s Night party the day before. I attended it and I played a lot of fun Dutch games which made no sense but won me a shot or two! :D King’s Day is super popular and people come from all over the world so make sure accommodation is the first thing you look into. I know you want to plan your outfits first, but trust me this is more important ;)

2. Wear orange! - You might think, that this is obvious, but let me tell you I was dressed in orange from head to toe (see video below) and I got so many people coming up to me, complimenting me about my outfit, including me in their group, offering me drinks or a boogie and I felt almost Dutch! :D I was travelling alone after all, so this helped - a lot!

3. Bring something rain proof - An umbrella, boots and, or a rain coat will do! When I went it rained a lot - King’s Day, at the moment, is in April so you never know! I was grateful for my umbrella.

4. Book your space on a party boat, if you want to go all the way - I didn’t, but seeing the boats on the various canals, playing the absolute best European Dance tracks (don’t judge), I felt that this would have been the cherry on top!

5. Drink responsibly - I really mean it! King’s Day is so much fun and everyone is dancing outside on the streets. You will be offered drinks, shots, drinks and shots on every corner. Pubs offer you their very best orange cocktail, which will be super sweet and super delicious so it’s very easy to say yes to all of them :) Just make sure you pace yourself because the party goes on until the next morning, if you want, and you don’t want to be back in your hostel bed by 10:00pm - although it was very comfortable, I have to say :)

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