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7 Things to do in Antigua

7 Things to do in Antigua

The first time I found out that there is such a thing as an Upside Down Jellyfish, the first time I actually saw one! Antigua stole my heart, not just because of its animals, but also because of its mind-blowing sunsets, its people and food, and last but not least, the wide range of activities possible on the island.

Here are my top 7 must do’s when visiting Antigua:

  1. Go on a Nature Tour of the Island - You will be discovering Antigua’s most exotic animals & plants whilst kayaking, snorkelling and hiking! We had a guide so knowledgeable, he was even able to answer all of MY questions, and I am sometimes a bit over the top, asking questions like ‘…but how does this animal sleep?’ :D For me, it was the perfect way to discover the islands flora and fauna whilst staying active.

  2. Visit Shirley Heights - Only Antigua’s most famous viewing point that turns into a super fun reggae party after sunset, so probably the number one must see of this entire list, if you ask me. What stuck we me, other than the fact that the sky turned about 4 different colours when we were there, was the fact that it wasn’t overcrowded - which was oh so lovely! Make sure to bring a tripod for that epic sunset time lapse, I know I did! :)

  3. Stay in one of the Elite Island Resorts - That is if you are visiting for a special occasion. I was lucky enough to be invited, so I could experience the full package that the Verandah Resort & Spa had to offer. For anyone coming to celebrate something special or anyone who just wants to indulge a little, any of the Elite Island Resorts will not disappoint you - if you want a taster of the evening entertainment, or if you want see what the rooms look like, it’s all in the vlog below :)

  4. Hike the Goat Track aka ‘Middle Ground Trail’ - Probably my favourite surprise moment of the trip. We had only seen a picture on Instagram of a lovely viewpoint close to Nelson’s Dockyard by the English Harbour, and what we found on the hike was that, but also many many goats. 20-30 goats of all ages and colours happily live along the hike and make this 20 minute climb just that much more exciting. Too cute!

  5. Eat Mahi Mahi & try Susie’s Hot Sauce - Mahi Mahi is a local fish that tastes so good it will leave you wondering why you ever thought that there was nothing better than tuna. And well, Susie’s Hot Sauce is made by Susie, and Antiguan woman who has been making this world famous, yet only available in Antigua, hot sauce since 1960! You haven’t been to Antigua if you haven’t tried it - I dare you! :)

  6. Visit the St. John’s - The capital of Antigua and probably the most colourful town in the world. It is busy, it is vibrant, it is incredibly safe and you can buy the most delicious pineapples ever. That should be all :) Make sure to visit the famous Saturday Market for extra exotic produce and Caribbean vibes!

  7. Go on a Triflexcursion - It’s a thing! If you’re the active traveller, like me, this is what you have been searching for. Giles and Marc from Triflexcursion will get you Cycling, Kayaking & Hiking to visit hidden gems, their favourite beaches and to discover St. John’s with a local. It’s eco friendly, healthy for your body and mind, super interesting and, guess what, super fun! More in vlog part 2 :)

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